How to Enter Your Items in the Fair

Download the prize book

  1. Complete the registration
  1. Label your entries with the appropriate entry tags
  1. Drop your items off, including your tags, entry form (if not registering online) and $8 registration fee (fee not applicable to junior entries). Drop-off times: Monday October 3rd to Friday October 7th between 2:00pm and 6:00pm in the Secretary’s office (NOTE: Entries must remain until 5:00pm on Monday)

Download the full prize book or browse through the categories below

Green Thumbs


The Arts

See the events page for “show” entries

Click here for event outlines, including livestock and horse shows


$8.00 (HST included) Includes one admission to Fair and exhibits entries.  Marked youth sections (see Prize Book) require membership with no fee.

Rules and Regulations

  1. The Burford Agricultural Society’s membership fee is $8.00 (including HST). All exhibitors must pay an exhibitor fee (excluding Juniors, see rule #2) to the Burford Agricultural Society for the current year.
  2. If a Junior Exhibitor is entering in an adult entry class that Junior must pay an exhibitor fee of $8.00 and will receive the full benefits listed on page #3.
  3. 10% of prize money will be deducted in lieu of an entry fee for some classes. There will be no deductions in the following sections: Section 11 – Junior Department, Section 1- Hunter Horse, and Section 2 – Western Horse. Note: 100% of above mentioned deductions are applied to the cost
    of administering prizes.
  4. The Society will not be responsible for any accident that may occur on the grounds from any cause. No vehicle is to be driven faster than 15 km/h on the grounds.
  5. Dogs are not allowed on the Fairgrounds during the Fair except for participation in the Pet Show, Sunday afternoon. Service Animals are
  6. All persons using the Fairgrounds do so at their own risk.
  7. In case of an error in the printing of the Prize Book, the Directors have the power to rectify the error.


  1. The Fair office will be open one week prior to Fair. The public is welcome to come in and purchase memberships, drop of entry forms, pick up entry tags, purchase Weekend Admission Passes, etc. during that time. Monday to Friday 2:00pm to 6:00pm.
  2. Judging of exhibits begin at 9:00 a.m. on Sat. October 10, 2015.
  3. Each exhibitor must fill out one entry form. An entry tag for each item must be filled out, which can be picked up at the Fair Office, or downloaded off our website. www.burfordfair.ca. Completed entry forms must be returned to the Fair Office.
  4. No exhibit may be removed until after 5:00 p.m. Monday October 12, 2015, and be out no later than 6:00 p.m. Prize money will be available on Monday for pick-up.
  5. Only one article per section is allowed, except where otherwise noted.
  6. While the Directors will take every possible precaution under the circumstances to secure the safety of articles sent to the exhibition, the
    owners themselves must take the risk of exhibiting. Should any article be accidentally injured, lost or stolen, the Directors will give all the assistance in their power toward the recovery, but will not make payment for the value thereof.